April 22, 2022 (OTTAWA) 

Statement from Congress of Aboriginal Peoples National Chief Elmer St. Pierre on Earth Day:

“Today we come together to celebrate and protect our lands, water, air, and all that live within – now and for generations to come.”

“Earth Day is one of the largest secular observances in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year. The duty to be a responsible part of our environment lays with every single one of us. Humanity has a unique interconnectedness with Mother Earth, and we must all do our part to protect it.”

“Climate change is a clear and present threat to humanity and to Mother Earth. Indigenous people face additional vulnerabilities due to climate change, but our traditional knowledge is key to living sustainably and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Protecting Indigenous rights is not simply a matter of acknowledging the rights of people living on their traditional lands, but also a crucial step for surviving climate change.”

“Addressing climate change and protecting Indigenous rights in Canada go hand in hand. We cannot fully achieve one without achieving both.”