CAP 50th Anniversary

To celebrate 50 years we have created shareables that are available for download and a suggested tweet for you to use. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CAP50!

50 years have passed since our organization was founded in 1971 as the Native Council of Canada. We have been committed to defending the rights of off-reserve status & non-status, Métis & Southern Inuit Indigenous Peoples across the country. #CAP50

On #CAP50 Anniversary, we’d like to recognize those who have helped defend Indigenous rights alongside our organization since its inception. Thanks to all the leaders of the last 50 years who have advocated for our peoples.

CAP has proudly stood behind Indigenous priorities for the past 50 years. The first to formalize a relationship with government through Political Accord in 1994, we will continue working with government to close the socio-economic gap with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.

For 50 years, CAP has advocated for the rights of Indigenous Peoples. During that time, we have witnessed the continued struggle for recognition and respect from our constituents. We must continue driving social and political change for future generations. #CAP50

Thank you to our community members across Canada who played a part in getting CAP to its 50th Anniversary. We are proud to support Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, including off reserve status and non-status Indians, Métis and Southern Inuit Indigenous peoples. #CAP50