Creative Leaders Symposium


Creative Leaders brings together Indigenous Youth leaders and business professionals to explore Possibilities: Inspiration, Growth, & Success and gain knowledge and skills directly from cutting-edge innovators in entrepreneurship, business, and the nonprofit sector.

Creative Leaders balances the goals for youth engagement as we move forward to develop Indigenous leaders who can effectively create meaningful cultures and lead into the next decade.

Participants can learn how businesses and entrepreneurs take steps to include Indigenous internships and address challenges at all levels of their enterprises. Having direct access to speakers and panelists enables attendees to customize their experience at the conference to solve problems, brainstorms ideas and strengthen their leadership opportunities and the performance of their own leaders at all levels of the organization.

Benefits/Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the impact of change in the workforce of the future and requirements for leaders
  • Optimize the impact of leadership development and business strategy
  • Gain insights from entrepreneurs and practitioners to grow your knowledge and create awareness of opportunities
  • Network with colleagues from across Turtle Island
  • Open discussions on challenges and solutions

Inspiration ★ Our Key note speakers

Our Inspirational keynote speakers will frame the groundwork for the day and move us through inspiration, growth and success. Our keynotes will communicate the issues in an engaging way and set the temperature for our day.

Entrepreneurship Possibilities ★ Film, Arts and Culture

From indie film festival hits to documentaries to television, filmmakers — including directors and producers — are in charge of creating films for a variety of audiences. They acquire funding, create budgets, write or choose scripts, select cast and crew members, hold rehearsals and direct actors and crew while filming. Competition to break into the industry is fierce, and not every aspiring filmmaker makes it in the business. Possessing certain skills could increase a prospective filmmaker’s odds of success.

Grow Possibilities / ★ Get ready for an Internship!

Interested in working with a specific company? How do you go about applying for an internship? Applying for an internship can seem like a long process. Internship applications come in all shapes and sizes. Some large companies might have internship application forms, which you’ll be required to fill out, while others simply provide an email address to which you should send your CV and cover letter. These corporate companies will share their best practices on how to apply, information on their independent programs and how to put your best foot forward.

Inspire ★ Take the Lead / Civic Engagement

Indigenous youth need to be part of shaping the vision, values and policies of government at all levels. We believe the Indigenous youth in Canada are uniquely qualified to step up and change the world. Get to know these leaders and how they can build your skills and improve awareness within various government models.

It’s My Business! ★ Successful Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Learn tips and techniques that will help you shine bright like a diamond and stand out from the crowd. This presentation will explore their personal business success and share:

• Identifying what makes you uniquely qualified

• Building your confidence and taking the big leap

• Developing your brand