Press Conference 

30 years in prison is cruel and unusual punishment for two Indigenous sisters  

June 2, 2022 Ottawa, ON 

In 1994 Canada’s justice system wrongfully convicted Odelia and Nerissa Quewezance of murder. Two life sentences for a crime another person has repeatedly confessed to. Racism, residential schools, a biased justice system and police all contributed to this monumental failure. 

Now the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, along with Senators, MP’s and justice advocates are demanding the federal Justice Minister intervene and issue a retrial for the sisters. 

“Both the province of Saskatchewan and the federal government have ignored this injustice for decades,” says CAP National Vice Chief Kim Beaudin. “Their inaction has cost the lives of two Indigenous women who are at the mercy of a system plagued by racism and prejudice.” 

It’s time for justice to be served and these two women are issued a new trial. 

When: Thursday June 2nd, 10:30am 
Where: 125B West Block, Parliament Hill 
Who: Odelia Quewezance, CAP National Vice Chief Kim Beaudin, Senator Kim Pate, NDP MP Leah Gazan 
What: Calls for Justice Minister to issue retrial for Quewezance sisters 

Media Contact: 

Nigel Newlove 
Director of Media Relations 

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is the national voice representing the interests of Métis, status and non-status Indians, and Southern Inuit Indigenous People living off-reserve.  Today, over 80% of Indigenous people live off-reserve.