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Web_ Ready_ ASETS_BrochureThe Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (Congress) provides assistance and funding for training and skills development to Aboriginal Peoples living off-reserve. Through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS), the program is designed to help Aboriginal Peoples prepare for, and find high-demand jobs that will help address Canada’s labour market challenges.

Funded through Employment and Social Development Canada, the Congress’ employment programs and services provide Aboriginal Peoples the opportunity to gain the skills required to find employment and fill job gaps in sectors experiencing skills and labour shortages.

The ASETS program is targeted to Aboriginal Peoples living in urban, rural and remote areas throughout Canada. Those eligible to apply include Aboriginal youth, women, single parents, mature workers, persons with disabilities and those experiencing career change or transition.

ASETS links training to labour market demand in career fields such as internet technologies, the health care sector, financial services, the resource sector, and in trades such as welders, electricians or carpenters as well as other careers.   


To apply for Employment and Training Funds, complete the form below.



  • Employment Counseling – assists and guides individuals with career planning, training, labour market information, resume preparation, job searches, interview techniques, etc.
  • Skills Training – assists individuals with skills development by providing funding for training.
  • Wage Subsidies – provides work experience by providing wage subsidies to employers.
  • Self-Employment Assistance – provides financial assistance, business training and professional support that enable clients to develop a business plan or start a business.


Partnerships are a key element of the ASETS program.

The Congress has established a number of partnerships with businesses and is continually looking to develop additional relationships with non-profit organizations, governments, training institutions and other employers in order to create the opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples to fill the current labour demands.

Note: For businesses interested in entering a partnership with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, please contact us directly.



Aboriginal Peoples are an important labour pool for many sectors of the Canadian economy, especially those experiencing skill and labour shortages.

  • There are 1.4 million self-identified Aboriginal People in Canada.
  • More than one million Aboriginal Peoples live off-reserve (75%).
  • The Aboriginal population increased by 20% between 2006 and 2011, as compared to 5.2% for the non-Aboriginal population in Canada.
  • Aboriginal Peoples are the fastest growing and youngest demographic.
  • Half of all Aboriginal Peoples in Canada are under the age of 28.

Source: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, National Household Survey 2011

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